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Mythbusten ja of nee?

Een paar dagen terug plaatste Pedro hier de hartenkreet Zouden we maar niet beter stoppen met mythbusten? Het antwoord op die vraag is: Nee (en Ja). Trouwe volgers van ons blogcollectief weten dat op deze plaats met grote regelmaat de staf wordt gebroken over ideeën en praktijken in het onderwijs die onjuist zijn, niet werken […]

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Sexist brain myths

Today, in our mythbusting series, we look at ‘scientifically-founded’ claims about differences between the male and the female brains. It’s a recurrent theme in publications about health as well as education, ‘studies show’ followed by some claim about a new remedy to cure all ailments. Caryl Rivers and Rosalind Barnett busted a popular neuromyth about […]

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More nonsense for teachers to avoid

Originally posted on Evidence into Practice:
I recently ran a staff survey asking for comments and suggestions about our peer-coaching programme. Within this questionnaire, I also asked what teachers would find interesting to read on this blog and one response asked for something on using Neuro Linguistic Programming as an effective way of communicating to…

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