There are many misunderstandings about lesson observation. Quite often it comes down to checking a list of standard observations according to some model of the ideal teaching style. It goes wrong when the feedback that follows is nothing more than summarizing what was not good and what was ok about the lesson. It can be […]

Echt ‘leuk’ is zijn opmerking over NL realistisch rekenen!

Kelvin Smythe has been critically following Hattie’s work for a long time and is almost his absolute antipode. Smythe follows up on the recent publication of methodological flaws in Hattie’s research (see earlier posts on this blog here and here). In addition, he is critical of the connection between Hattie’s rsearch and the neoliberal education […]

Today, in our mythbusting series, we look at ‘scientifically-founded’ claims about differences between the male and the female brains. It’s a recurrent theme in publications about health as well as education, ‘studies show’ followed by some claim about a new remedy to cure all ailments. Caryl Rivers and Rosalind Barnett busted a popular neuromyth about […]