Despite overwhelming evidence debunking the ‘learning styles myth’ it seems to be popular as ever.  Reblogged here is a post by Nicholas Meier who argues that, instead of serving students lessons based on their personal learning modality, it is far more effective to use all three learning modalities, visual, auditory and kinesthetic in our lessons. […]

According to this post by Tom Bennett (author of Teacher Proof and director of ResearchED) we may view evidence-based education as just another edu-myth, along with learning styles, myths about group learning and class size etc.

An intriguing study with some counterintuitive conclusions. Surely, most of us will be happy when their class is engaged and busy, and be convinced that the students are learning. Not so, says Graham Nuthall, in his book ‘The Hidden Lives of Learners,’ (2007). Thanks to Pedro Debruyckere, who reblogged this on his blog From experience to […]

Nick Rose, who teaches psychology at Turnford School in England, discussed Carol Dweck’s theory of growth mindset in a way that teachers can use it in their classrooms and in coaching individual students. Rose’s blog Evidence into Practice regularly discusses scientific findings that are useful for education professionals. Examples are ‘Can teachers stop believing in […]

Even zitten twijfelen of ik deze post hier ook zou plaatsen, maar omdat de discussie een belangrijke link met een invloed heeft op onderwijs doe ik het toch.  De voorbije dagen heb ik lopen piekeren over de Cybertopia-documentaire van Tegenlicht (die je hier kan bekijken). Piekeren is misschien niet het juiste woord, eerder nadenken over het komt […]

First of all, best wishes for the new year! Last year I wrote a blog post explaining why I didn’t want to sign the open letter against PISA. There is a new call for signatures with the Manifesto15 and for the past 3 days I have been thinking and making up my mind. And no, I won’t […]

There are many misunderstandings about lesson observation. Quite often it comes down to checking a list of standard observations according to some model of the ideal teaching style. It goes wrong when the feedback that follows is nothing more than summarizing what was not good and what was ok about the lesson. It can be […]

Echt ‘leuk’ is zijn opmerking over NL realistisch rekenen!

Kelvin Smythe has been critically following Hattie’s work for a long time and is almost his absolute antipode. Smythe follows up on the recent publication of methodological flaws in Hattie’s research (see earlier posts on this blog here and here). In addition, he is critical of the connection between Hattie’s rsearch and the neoliberal education […]

This post by Christy Tucker, reblogged here, points out some of the problems I have also had with Bloom’s taxonomy and similar recipes (e.g., Gagné’s). We cannot blame good old Bloom for the abuse of his model, but it’s good to see someone emphasizing the lack of research support behind his theory. It’s fine, I […]