Another persistent education myth, the ‘Learning Pyramid’, is debunked by edublogger Larry Cuban.

In zijn boek “Teach like a Champion 2.0” bespreekt Lemov maar liefst 62 technieken voor beter lesgeven. In een onregelmatig verschijnende serie ga ik er een aantal langs. Wellicht alle 62. De eerste aflevering zijn op dit blog verschenen, het wordt hier voortgezet. Targeted Questioning Deze techniek is onderdeel van zijn sectie over het verzamelen […]

Teach Like a Champion 2.0 Teach Like a Champion! Welke docent, leerkracht, hoogleraar of trainer wil dat nu niet? Zo’n titel, aangevuld met de ronkende (Amerikaanse) recensies op de Amerikaanse Amazon, was reden om het boek aan te schaffen. Komende tijd (onregelmatig) bespreking van de inhoud en een mogelijke toepassing in het Nederlandse VO. Om […]

Class size is one of those topics in education that is always good for a lively debate. One might expect that the issue would have been settled once and for all when Hattie showed that class size reduction had a minor effect on student achievement. But the debate continues. Teachers still generally prefer smaller classes, […]

Apparently there is a need for a disclaimer here. This blog is not about the results of the study referred to below, but rather about the premise stated in the “Theoretical framework and explication of the research questions” of the report, namely the competency iceberg and its relation to the importance of certain types of […]

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of reproducibility of research e.g. in psychology (and don’t get me starting about replication in educational sciences) and via this post by Neuroskeptic that you just must read you’ll discover another reason why. Just look at this picture from this paper by David Shanks et al.Romance, […]

Here’s a post from the blog Scenes from the Battleground about a popular education myth, that e.g. in the Netherlands is used to argue for iPad schools and letting kids freely roam the internet to find information that is not in their schoolbooks. The only sensible answer to this myth is: good education and good […]

Dear Paul, I greatly enjoyed your latest piece on our group blog, The Disturbing Facts about Digital Natives. I agree with much of what you write, but there are a few points that I am worried about. One is the fatalistic view of how ‘Digital Natives’ grow up. Another one is your apparent conviction that […]

Here’s a touching and very confronting post by Debra Kidd reveiling how many children’s dreams are not reflected in the school curriculum and how that may damage them.

Here are some observations by an American math teacher who spent a research assignment in Finnish schools. His main observation is: ‘Less is more’. That means fewer years at school for the children and more time to play, fewer hours in a school day, giving adolescents a later start and more sleep, fewer teaching hours […]