“Yes, iPad Apps Can Help Your Child Learn To Read”, but was this the correct question anyway?

Deze post verscheen op mijn Engelstalige blog, maar lijkt me hier ook interessant.

From experience to meaning...

I read a piece on FastCoLabs on research conducted by Susan B. Neuman on the effect of children working with the Learn With Homer-app. The controle group worked with another app that was on music and math. As the article describes:

“The randomized, six-week study took a sample of 95 disadvantaged students across seven different Head Start classrooms in Brooklyn and divided the children into small groups. Each of the 4- and 5-year-old students was given an iPad running either Learn With Homer or another unnamed math and music-oriented learning app. In 12-15 minute intervals, students were fully immersed, headphones and all, in these iPad-based learning environments. Adults only stepped in as needed to ensure the kids were staying on track, but did not aid directly in the learning process so as not to taint the results of the trial.”

And big news: the group who worked with the Learn With Homer-App did…

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Eén reactie to ““Yes, iPad Apps Can Help Your Child Learn To Read”, but was this the correct question anyway?”

  1. Technologie heeft intresse van kinderen. Dus ze worden erdoor geprikkeld en kunnen dus ook leren met de iPad. Wat oudere kinderen kunnen ook gewoon kinderboeken lezen en de jongere kinderen met speciale apps geprikkeld worden en andere dingen leren (groter/kleiner etc.)


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