Desiderius Erasmus – On a liberal education for children

Sometimes, the Butterfly Defect (Gavriel Solomon) leads to something relevant and interesting. Here an excerpt from De pueris instituendis [On a liberal education for children], written by Desiderius Erasmus in Italy and published in 1529 which I accidentally came across. It is a clear statement of Erasmus’ enormous faith in the power of education, and […]

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Originally posted on Webs of Substance:
“Inquiry” is quite the fashion of late. By this, I mean a vogue for framing units of study around questions rather than concepts. Some of this is clearly linked to the success of Grant Wiggins’ and Jay McTighe’s system of “Understanding by Design” and its requirement to frame learning…

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United4Education nodigt je uit

Uitnodiging 1 oktober United4education presenteert zich! En nodigt jou uit om mee te doen!   Op 1 oktober presenteren wij ons. Wij zijn United4education, een nieuw collectief dat de krachten verbindt van een brede groep scholen, leraren, docenten, onderzoekers en ouders die hun aanpak radicaal willen veranderen–of daar al mee bezig zijn. In duizend dagen […]

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24 september: NRO Matchmakingsbijeenkomst voor praktijkgericht onderwijsonderzoek

Werkt u in het onderwijs en heeft u een goed idee voor onderzoek? Of bent u onderwijsonderzoeker en wilt u graag onderzoek doen met en in de praktijk? Kom dan naar de NRO Matchmakingsbijeenkomst voor praktijkgericht onderwijsonderzoek op 24 september 2014. De bijeenkomst duurt van 16:00 tot 19:30 uur en wordt gehouden in de Jaarbeurs, […]

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20/20 Blindsight or There is none so blind as (s)he who will not see!

It’s fun to work on a book because in doing that you also learn quite a lot. At the moment I just finished writing – along with two colleagues Pedro de Bruyckere and Casper Hulshof – a book about Urban Legends in education and learning (soon to be published by Elsevier / Academic Press). While […]

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Daniel Willingham on the difference between education research and ‘hard’ sciences

Recently, I came across an interesting blog post by Daniel Willingham discussing an artcle by American physicist and Nobel Prize winner Carl Wieman. In his article Wieman compares the rigor of ‘hard’ science with education science. Quite surprising maybe for some of us, Wieman argues that education research shares many properties with the hard sciences, […]

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A bill of research rights for educators?

I plea for collaboration between researchers and teachers, but often it’s complicated to say the least. Daniel Willingham wrote this draft of a bill of research rights for educators. It’s still a draft, and Willingham is open to suggestions, so what do you think? And what he wrote seems also applicable for policy makers. It is a […]

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Can teachers really be researchers?

Originally posted on Psych(ed):
As the debate over evidence-based teaching continues there appears to be two separate strands emerging: Strand 1: Teaching should be evidence-based (or evidence-informed). I certainly have no issue with this, although the view of ‘what works’ is perhaps a secondary debate. Strand 2: Teachers should also be researchers. At a…

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More nonsense for teachers to avoid

Originally posted on Evidence into practice:
I recently ran a staff survey asking for comments and suggestions about our peer-coaching programme. Within this questionnaire, I also asked what teachers would find interesting to read on this blog and one response asked for something on using Neuro Linguistic Programming as an effective way of communicating to…

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Genoeg gepraat, laten we de mouwen opstropen

Originally posted on Gerardo Soto y Koelemeijer:
Er verschijnen de laatste tijd nogal wat rapporten en opinieartikelen over het onderwijs. Enkele weken geleden pakte De Groene Amsterdammer uit met een extra dikke special met als vraag op de voorkant: Hoe goed is ons onderwijs nog? Een week eerder verscheen er een rapport van de onderwijsinspectie…

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