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Class Size Matters, Stupid! writes Alex Quigley

Class size is one of those topics in education that is always good for a lively debate. One might expect that the issue would have been settled once and for all when Hattie showed that class size reduction had a minor effect on student achievement. But the debate continues. Teachers still generally prefer smaller classes, […]

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This Iceberg could Sink the Titanic

Apparently there is a need for a disclaimer here. This blog is not about the results of the study referred to below, but rather about the premise stated in the “Theoretical framework and explication of the research questions” of the report, namely the competency iceberg and its relation to the importance of certain types of […]

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Ik publiceerde deze blog oorspronkelijk op mijn OU-blog in april 2012. Omdat dit nu ‘actueel’ is geworden door een besluit vab Facebook dacht ik om het hier ook te publiceren. Ik las een stelling bij een proefschrift, en de stelling luidde: “Pasgeboren kinderen van ouders met Facebook verdienen onmiddellijk een eigen Facebook pagina om zo vrienden […]

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A mustread by Neuroskeptic: Reproducibility Crisis: The Plot Thickens

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of reproducibility of research e.g. in psychology (and don’t get me starting about replication in educational sciences) and via this post by Neuroskeptic that you just must read you’ll discover another reason why. Just look at this picture from this paper by David Shanks et al.Romance, […]

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Inquiry maths is not the answer

Originally posted on Filling the pail:
I wrote this for an Australian newspaper but they decided not to run with it so I’m posting it on my blog: New federal education minister Simon Birmingham recently announced nearly six and a half million dollars of government funding for the ‘Mathematics by Inquiry’ initiative for Prep to Year…

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Is klassikaal frontaal onderwijs oneerlijk?

Deze blog schreef ik oorspronkelijk voor het novembernummer van het blad Didactief waar ik iedere maand iets schrijf over m.i. spraakmakend wetenschappelijk onderzoek en wat de betekenis daarvan is in/voor het onderwijs. Ja, ik ben een groot voorstaander van instructie, góede instructie. Dat heeft geleid tot het misverstand dat ik ook een groot voorstaander ben […]

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Marking is a hornet

Originally posted on Pragmatic Education:
Written marking takes up huge amounts of teachers’ time. If the average teacher marks for just over 5 hours a week, that’s 200 hours of marking a year. In a secondary school of 100 teachers, that’s 20,000 hours of marking. Written marking is non-renewable: it’s a one-off. Each written comment…

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When Did 19th Century Learning Become So Trendy? (8 Old Ideas that Are Actually Pretty Innovative) | Spencer Ideas

Here’s another example (actually 8 of them) indicating that 21st century skills are hardly new. They are at least 19th century, but a case can be made that creativity, problem solving and collaboration are skills that date back to the dawn of humankind. Source: When Did 19th Century Learning Become So Trendy? (8 Old Ideas that Are […]

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100.000+ page views in 2015 voor Onderzoek Onderwijs

Vanmorgen vroeg ging de teller van onze groepsblog door de 100.000. In de iets meer dan drie jaar van ons bestaan hebben we een gestage toename gezien van het aantal bezoekers. Een leuk succes voor een initiatief dat in de zomer van 2012 begon met een discussie op Twitter over de resultaten van onderzoek toegankelijk […]

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21st Century Skills are so 20th Century!

For the last few years I have been saying that the 21st century skills that educators, policy makers, newspapers, industry, and educational/societal think tanks have all been propagating to the point of having hissy-fits is pure BS> This isn’t because the skills aren’t important, but rather because most, if not all, of these skills were […]

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